Passages Therapy

for Life's Journey

Sometimes it is difficult to "know" or decide when to seek help from a therapist. We all have stressful times in life, but you might need extra support to handle it this time. Or maybe you often experience sadness and hopelessness, but just haven't thought it was "bad" enough to get professional help. The reality is that people struggle with decisions, face challenges, and weigh their options nearly every day. However, when those days seem endless and you can't seem to figure out how to change your situation or find hope, I can help you through those tough times.

Life may present challenges that seem impossible to overcome. You might be experiencing feelings that are more than you can handle alone. By working with people holistically, I help heal mind, body, and spirit. At Passages Therapy, I believe every person should have an opportunity to reach their full potential and I will help you in this journey. If you are experiencing challenges in relationships, emotional stability, life transitions, depression, anxiety, or other personal matters, I have the experience and training to assist you in figuring out your best path through these difficult situations. We'll find the answers--together. 

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